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About All Southern Chile and Patagonia, South America Living
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Choosing Chile, and in particular Southern Chile and the Patagonia, is to embrace a different sort of philosophy of life. Exactly the nature of that Philosophy however is as diverse as the people that choose to make the move to Chile and ultimately call Chile home. For families that move to Southern Chile, it is often a better life for their Children in a safe and clean environment. For nomadic expats, Chile it is often they have tried everywhere else and simply find Chile to be the best of all possible Worlds.  For the investor in Chile, it is the limitless opportunities in one of the most politically and socioeconomically stable environments anywhere in the World today. Regardless of your reasons, there is something for everyone in Southern Chile.

Whatever the philosophy of life that moves you, everyone comes to Chile for the unparalleled freedom to actually live their life the way it should be lived.  Only Chile can provide such freedom in a modern society.  Let All Southern Chile and Patagonia help you find your Philosophy and discover this rich country at the tip of South America.

The History of All Southern Chile and Patagonia

All Southern Chile and Patagonia was started in 2005 as a public service of Spencer Global Chile. Promoting Chile in all its facets was a natural extension of the legal and relocation services that Spencer Global provides exclusively to foreign clients in Chile. It was obvious to us the World knew very little about Chile, and even less about the wonders of Southern Chile. Our simple goal when we started All Southern Chile was, and still, is to promote Chile.

The All Chile Expat Network ( )

Since the start of All Southern Chile, we received many questions from both those thinking of moving to Chile, but also many expats, retirees, and investors already in Chile. We thus decided to provide a more dynamic and extensive resource for expats in Chile and thinking about Chile to share their knowledge and experience of Chile and find help from others in Chile by creating an English Language Forum for foreigners. The Chile forum is not just for those thinking of moving to Chile, but also for building an everyday support network of friends once you make the move to Chile.

The Chile forum is now more than 4 years old, has over 1500 members, and more than 48000 posts on over 3700 topics of Chile. Thousands of people visit the Chile forum to learn about Chile. Please join us.

In addition to the forum, the All Chile expat community has established the Chile Wiki to capture critical reference information that every expat living in Chile will need to know sooner or later.  The Chile Wiki includes everything from how to dial of phone in Chile, where to shop, to a copy of the Chilean drivers license test translated to English.  All content is community driven and shared by our members. Many of our oldest members have lived in Chile for decades, some are even English speaking Chileans. Many others live all over the World and simply have a love for all things Chilean.  We would like to extend an open initiation to continue your online exploration of Chile by visiting the Chile forum at .

The Future of All Southern Chile and All Chile Network

We are in the process of expanding our network of Chile Expat resources to cover Central Chile and Northern Chile. In the coming years, we hope to provide information and resources that cover every aspects of  life in Chile; all the while we will be expanding the resources of Spencer Global Chile right along with our online presence.  We currently provide relocation and legal services to clients in every part of Chile, from the Mediterranean like North of Chile, to metropolitan areas of Santiago and Vina Del Mar, to the rainy mountains of the Patagonia.

All we ask in return is that when deciding to move to Chile please keep Spencer Global in mind if you should need assistance with legal, relocation, or investment needs in Chile. We are always happy to answer questions, and always ready to lend a hand anywhere in Chile.

About Spencer Global Chile

Spencer Global was founded in 2003 by Charles Spencer and his wife Chilean attorney Zandra Valenzuela.  The main offices of Spencer Global are located in Frutillar, Chile with a diverse group of attorneys and other professionals located all over Chile. Our team specializes in legal,  relocation, and investment related services exclusively geared to the needs of foreign clients. Spencer Global's clients range from retired couples and families living in the South of Chile, to corporations, law firms, and individuals located all around the World that need assistance with legal and investment issues involving Chile.

For more information on the Services of Spencer Global, Please Visit: Spencer Global Chile o en español Abogados Chile (