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Casa de la Mujer Mapuche (House of the Mapuche Women)
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Southern Arts and Culture by All Southern Chile
If you ask for places to go in Temuco, probably everybody will mention the House of the Mapuche Women. The problem is, nobody will explain to you what that is. Like most of us, you will think it is an Indian museum displaying arts and craft of Mapuche women. Far from that, La Casa de la Mujer Mapuche is a small store for Mapuche traditional textiles and craft in Central Temuco selling products produced by Mapuche women around the Araucanía region. The center itself is much more than the little store you will see in Temuco. They are actually in charge of a national distribution chain with stores in Puerto Varas, Valparaiso and Santiago, and are exporting to European countries. There is another distribution center located in Barcelona. Perhaps the whole project is best described as a collective or a consignment store.   
Rosa Rapiman
Casa de la Mujer Mapuche
This initiative brings together 380 women from many different rural Mapuche communities, located in the IX region of Southern Chile. The goal of this institution is to promote the development of cultural identity, while improving the quality of life for Mapuche women and their families. This is done by producing and commercializing traditional textiles and hand crafts.All their products are hand made using traditional native procedures such as using vegetable dyes and traditional weaving tools.  
Sustainable Development
Their major goal is sustainability. They are proud to be a for profit enterprise. The nature of todays Non-profit organizations and efforts are in many ways foreign to their culture and experience. Projects and initiatives tend to disappear easily when dependent on donations and government funding. By strengthening ties within this network of Mapuche women of all ages, they are not just teaching the younger generation how to relate with their own cultural identity, but making them part of it. This is accomplished by a brilliant management and marketing strategy which organizes roles so that the production phase is run be the older skilled women, and marketing and product placement is run by the younger women. All of them are committed to the same commercial goals, while promoting their culture.
Casa de la Mujer Mapuche Textiles
 Their textile collection includes traditional and modern designs. All products are guarantied as being hand made and 100% natural. Just a few of their products are carpets, scarfs, tapestry, shawls and blankets. They also sell a large variety of different colored hand-spun and dyed wools. 
Open from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00, and in the afternoon from 15:00 to 19:00 hours.
Address: Arturo Prat 289, Temuco, Chile
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact: Rosa Rapiman