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Southern Chile Real Estate and Property buyer's guide including trends in land and house prices, tips and tricks to finding properties for different areas in Southern Chile, local issues to watch out for, and much more. All Southern Chile and Spencer Global, would like to help get you started with finding your dream retirement property in Southern Chile or your next investment in Chile by providing this series of articles on Real Estate in Southern Chile and the Patagonia targeting specific regions, cities, and towns in the South of Chile.


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We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about buying real estate in Chile, living in Chile, investing, immigration, or legal questions you might have.

Hotel, Restaurant For Sale, Frutillar, Southern Chile
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Chile Real Estate and Property

hotel-sale-van-frontThis is a one of a kind investment opportunity in Southern Chile. For Sale, Recently restored and fully operational colonial style German Hotel, with newly constructed restaurant on lake Llanquihue, Southern Chile. Located in the small German tourist town of Frutillar, Chile, a half block from Lake Llanquihue and the recently completed International Theater del Lago concert hall. Additionally, for sale is the option to purchase a 51 foot yaht seperatly or together with the hotel. Yacht is currently moored in Puerto Montt harbor on the pacific ocean, 45 mins from Frutillar, and is used for special charters of hotel guests.

Asking Price Hotel: 920 million Chilean pesos ( aproximatly $1,944,000 US @ 473,25 pesos to the dollar)
Asking Price Yacht: $450,000 US

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Land for sale with Cabin in Chile
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Chile Real Estate and Property
Small unfinished Rustic Colonial Cabin on 2 hectares (approximately 4.94 acres) in Southern Chile on lake Rupanco. Property is located near Termas de Puyehue Resort, Antianca Ski Area, Puyehue National Park, near boarder with Argentina, 45 mins drive from the city of Osorno, 15 min drive from town of inter lagos.
Price: 1,874.23 UF or aproximatly 40 million Chilean Pesos, or  $85,500 U.S. as of this writing (property is priced in UF).
Direct Seller Private Mortgage Available (including foreigners without residency).
Location: KM 4.8 SECTOR EL TAIQUE, Puyehue, Region X, Southern Chile, South America
Small Colonial cabin located on 2 hectares of prime agricultural land with two small creeks, pasture land, and jaw dropping views of surrounding mountains from all points on the property.
Property Tax Exempt (i.e. no property taxes)
Property would make an excellent location for either year around rural retirement home or for someone wishing to build a vacation cabin for the summers. Also excellent location for anyone frequently needing to drive between Osorno and the Northern Patagonia via Argentina to reach towns such as Futaleufu (about 6 hour drive). The close proximity to the boarder allows for reaching customs and immigration early in the morning, before crowds departing Osorno have reached the boarder crossing.
-- Two small creeks cross the property, dividing the property in to almost two equal hectares (upper and lower).
-- Full view of Lake Rapanco, several major volcanoes, and snow capped mountains from almost all points on the property.
-- Apple trees and other mature native trees on the property
-- Multiple level building sites with views
-- Could be logically subdivided in to 3-4 lots of approximately 5,000 square meters each with a common road along one side, while preserving views from all parcels. Each lot has the potential to legally hold up to three constructions.
– Electricity to house (currently disconnected) and all Cell Phone carriers providing wireless internet coverage with strong signals around the property.
-- Rural bus passes the road in front of the property to Osorno daily. Taxi service is available by phone to the town of inter lagos (15 mins away) and Osorno (45 mins). Main newly paved road ends 4.8 km from property, dirt road is maintained by municipality and passable all year. Several small rural stores located in the area.
-- Located below snow line at the base of the mountain.
-- Currently Zoned Rural Agricultural Property, and is exempt from property tax.
About Entra Lagos and Puyehue --
Entra lagos is a small, but fully equipped tourism and agricultural driven town, with a population of around 10,000 people. There is a gas station, several grocery stores, hospital, and numerous smaller businesses. It acts as a gateway to the international boarder crossing to Argentina. The surrounding lakes (Lake Puyhue and Rapanco Lake) have been a traditional vacation spots for old money in the summers from Santiago and Argentina for generations.
Located on the same mountain as the 5 star Puyehue Hot Springs resort. Walking distance to the Puyehue National Park that contains wild hot springs, fly fishing, hiking, lakes, and rivers. There is a small hostile and restaurant just 2 km down the road from the property that is owned and operated by a young foreign couple. Several very good international level restaurants are located just 10-15 mins away on the international highway to Argentina.
Diverse wild life is common to the area because of proximity to the national park. Fox, Puma, hawks, rabbits, deer, wild boar, and many more species are common sites.
Approximately 30 mins from the boarder crossing for Argentina, about 3 hours to the Ski resort town of Bariloche Argentina. Bariloche is an excellent day trip from this property for both shopping and to visit the ski resorts outside the city.
Flights from the Osorno to Santiago are about 1.5 hours, more flight options are available through Puerto Montt airport. Direct international flights from Puerto Montt Airport to Buenos Aires, Argentina and points in Brazil are scheduled to begin in 2011.
15 mins by car to:
-- Town of interlagos
-- Puyehue resort and ski resort, Antianca ski resort
-- fly fishing
35 mins by car to:
--Boarder with Argentina
--City of Osorno
--Osorno Airport
2 hours by car to:
-- Frutillar
-- Bariloche
-- Puerto Varas
-- Puerto Mont (international airport)
-- Valdivia
More info on the area:
Disclosures, Notices, and other important information:
Payment may be recieved in U.S. dollars, made in the U.S., but price is listed in UF (Chilean inflation indexed currency), payable in Chilean pesos, and at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of sale or payment. For more about the UF inflation index and current UF rates can be found on the Chilean Central Bank Web Site at:
NOTICE: This property is in the legal exclusion zone prohibiting Argentina nationals from purchasing within 20 km of the boarder. This exclusion for national security does not apply to nationals of other countries only those of Argentina.
Conflicts of Interest notice:
This property is a direct sale from the owners ( also owners of Spencer Global Chile and this site ). There is no real estate agent or commissions involved in this sale.
If required by a foreign buyer, we would be happy to assist with any general advice a foreigner may need to purchase in Chile from outside the country with such things as how  powers of attorney work in Chile, obtaining a IRS RUT numbers, and so on; however, please take in to consideration the obvious natural conflicts of interest involved. You should retain your own legal council to assist you with such things as conducting your own title search, contracts, and so on, as with any purchase in Chile. That said, we would be happy to assist your attorney, as we have special expertise in dealing with foreigners that most attorneys in Chile simply do not. It is in our interest also to facilitate as smooth a transfer as possible.
Transfer costs:
In the event of a sale, we will provide, as is the tradition in Chile, 50% of notary fees. All other cost such as title search, registry fees, and so on are the responsibility of the buyer in Chile.
Tentative Terms of direct seller Mortgage: 50% down, 36 monthly payments, 8% annual interest. As this is a direct sale, and we understand the issues of foreingers face with getting bank acounts and credit, we will consider any foreigner for a mortgage without regard to residency status in Chile.
The house is sold as is, with no warranties attached. We make no assertions about the state of the house for living, safety, or anything else. The structure appears to be fundamentally sound, in our opinion, with minimal investment of time and money it could be fully salvageable with some renovations for at least short-term, temporary use, or as perhaps a caretakers cabin. As it is now, it would at least serve as storage space if a buyer wished to build another structure.
There are two small creeks on the property. One, is a seasonal creek, and does seem to go dry during part of the summer months ( that is the creek located on the upper part of the property). The other creek (middle of the property) seems to flow very consistently all year around from our observations.
There is a hand-dug well on the property. The status or safety of the water is unknown.
We currently have a local caretaker that receives 20,000 pesos a month and is allowed to pasture no more than 20 animals at a time there. Continuing to use his services are optional, but he has proven to be very good at watching the place over several years with no problems. The animals keep the grass and vegetation in check.
As always, We would be happy to answer any questions you might have:
Charles Spencer
IMG_8902Small Unfinished Rustic Colonial Cabin / House on 2 hectares (approximately 4.94 acres) in Southern Chile on lake Rupanco for Sale.
Property is located near Termas de Puyehue Resort, Antianca Ski Area, Puyehue National Park, near boarder with Argentina, 45 mins drive from the city of Osorno, 15 min drive from town of inter lagos.

35 million Chilean Pesos (about $75,000 U.S., at 470 pesos to the dollar)
Direct Seller Private Mortgage Available ( including foreigners without residency or bank accounts ). 

Property Is Tax Exempt, Agriculture and Residential property

Location: KM 4.8 SECTOR EL TAIQUE, Puyehue, Region X, Southern Chile, South America