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Hiking Trails Sendero de Chile, South America

What is the Sendero de Chile hiking trail system?

Well, it's just a trail. Granted, the Sendero de Chile is a very long trail by most standards. It covers the entire length of Chile, from the northern border to the very tip of South America. It includes a total of more than 9,700 km. of trekking paths. The main trail was designed to better connect the many existing trail loops of the National Parks and Natural Reserves systems that already existed in Chile, and help protect the environment while helping to promote tourism in rural areas of Chile.


Araucanía Andina Conguillio Trail

Photo by Hugo Martínez Quintana

Sendero de chile hiking trail across chile

Photo by Hugo Martínez Quintana

All Southern Chile, in cooperation with the official Spanish Language site of the Chilean government, will cover the Sendero de Chile trail system in Southern Chile. From time to time, we may also include general information and news that is relevant to the entire trail system. For the most part though, we will focus on the Southern Portions of the trail system. Please also see the related southern Chile hiking trail forum.


Maps of the Sendero de Chile Hiking trail
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Hiking Trails and Sendero de Chile South

Maps related to the Sendero de Chile Hiking trail in the South of Chile. Please also check our general maps for more maps of southern Chile.

Sendero de Chile: Chile's very long trail
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Hiking Trails and Sendero de Chile South
It is more than a government line on the map,
as is often the case in many parts of the World.
The Culture of Chile is in many ways determined by its shape. The Sendero de Chile ( The Path of Chile ) trail system project reflects this shape in every aspect. It is simply one of the most ambitious trekking trail development projects in the World, with more than 9,700 km when finished.  The sendero de chile hiking trail covers some of the most intresting places in all southern chile