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Seven Lakes ( Siete Lagos ) and Huilo Huilo Chile
The Magic Mountain Hotel in the Huilo Huilo Reserve
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Magic mountain hotel southern Chile with water fall coming out of the top
Yes, that is a waterfall coming
out of the top of that hotel!

In Southern Chile there is not that many true four star hotels and above. Well, we found one. The Magic Mountain Hotel and Hotel Baobab are in the heart of the Huilo Huilo nature reserve. The architecture, combined with the forest setting, makes this truly a magical mountain and forest. Full four star international service, in such a spectacular location, sets the Magic Mountain Hotel and Hotel Baobab apart from all the other hotels we have visited in Southern Chile. The realy amazing thing is that the Magic Mountain hotel you see in the photo is possibly the least spectacular thing going on around the Huilo Huilo nature reserve in Southern Chile. We even got video of it.

A hotel is a hotel, is a hotel, is a hotel.
For the most part in Chile, and the World for that matter, this is true. Four and five star hotels come in some variation on a concrete and steel box with lots of right angles. The Magic Mountain is not just another hotel. At the Magic Mountain Hotel you will be hard pressed to find a right angle of any sort. The architecture and furnishings of the mountain are an intellectual wonderland of shapes and forms. Only mother nature herself could come up with such complex lines, colors, and textures.

Magic Mountain Hotel at sunset
Large logs decorate the inside of the magic mountain hotel Beyond the obvious eye catching architecture of the Magic Mountain Hotel are the long list of services. Many of these services are beyond what you would typically find at hotels in Chile. Imagine playing mini golf on a walk way that snakes through the forest and around hundred years old trees as part of the course 40 feet above the forest floor. There are no gimmicky windmill challenges on this course; just a spectacular setting with natural impediments such as trees that the walkway was built around and are allowed to grow directly through the floor of the course.
Hot Tubs In the Forest
Ahhhh, the hot tubs at the Magic Mountain! These are made out of huge trunks of trees, dug out, and then filled with hot water perched on a deck overlooking the forest. This is really a place to take a very good glass of Chilean wine and relax at the end of the day.
Hot tubs in dug out tree trunks at magic mountain southern chile
By the way, the Magic Mountain has very very good Chilean Wines. The restaurant is simply one of the best in Southern Chile. Even if you never stay at the Magic Mountain, we would definitely encourage you to stop by for lunch, dinner, or even just a drink.
Bao Bab Hotel

UPDATE:  The Bao Bab was completed earlier this year, and is open and operational.

cabins at the magic mountain southern chile
There is another hotel being built on the shores of Pirihueico lake, in the town of Puerto Fuy, just a few minutes away by car. But for now, the Magic Mountain is the only full hotel for this spectacular natural wonder. We should also mention that they have high quality cabins for rent. The cabins are surprisingly inexpensive at 40,000 Chilean Pesos a night. This is what you would expect to pay for a nice cabin anywhere in Southern Chile.
Custom Ski Trips
The Huilo Huilo reserve stretches sixty thousand hectares, and encompasses the Choshuenco volcano. It also is one of the few places in Chile that can offer year round skiing and snowboarding. There is no ski center in the sense of lifts and tracked runs; instead this is back country skiing at its finest. The hotel offers personalized transportation and a snow cat to take you up the mountain to the ski area, allowing you to access virgin slopes. Please be aware that this is not for the new skier. You do need some experience and skill to really make the most of this ski trip.
year around snowboarding in south america
For those not so inclined to adventure skiing, there are many other activities offered by the Magic Mountain. For example, horse back riding trips around the reserve. Try following this up with a dip in the hot tubs. For those that are not daily horseback riders, this is perhaps the least painful way to get on and off a horse and still be able to walk. There are also natural hot springs near the volcano. Dropping into a hot spring after three or four hour ride is heaven in itself.
Wildlife in the Huilo Huilo Reserve
Among the other big destinations in the park is a duck pond simply called Laguna de los Patos designed to protect endangered species of ducks. The duck eggs are a big attraction for both tourist and wild boar or Javali that are common to the mountains of the Seven Lakes district of Southern Chile. The wild boar are in turn a big tourist attraction for the mountain lions or pumas that live in the Park. Invest some time at the pond, and you will likely get to see the entire food chain of Huilo Huilo reserve.
huilo huilo waterfalls southern chile
Whitewater Rafting and Fly Fishing
Other activities include the possibility of Whitewater rafting and fly fishing trips on the river Fuy and Enco. For those not so wanting to get into the river, there is also the spectacular series of waterfalls. Just a Kilometer from the Magic Mountain Hotel is the Salto de la Leona, or the Lion waterfall. A short distance away by car is the more famous Huilo Huilo waterfall.Also do not miss visiting the Pirihueico Lake.
rooms at the magic mountain
The rooms at the Magic Mountain are interesting. As the hotel is basically a pyramid, the stairs curve around a central pillar, and the rooms radiate out from the center. Please consider when selecting a room that the larger rooms will be towards the lower floors. The rooms are consistent with the overall hotel theme. Much of the furnishings and decor are of ruff cut logs, left to naturally twist and bend around the room. The large windows, give even the smallest rooms the impression of being much larger than they are by flooding the room with light and adding warm tones to the wood.
So, what does such a spectacular hotel cost in such a spectacular location? Well its not cheap, but by international prices it is a real deal. The cabins for rent are priced at about the going rate of any other cabin in Southern Chile, and are very high quality. The Hotel Rooms Start at around $170 US a night.

There is one other thing, for those that really fall in love with this area of Southern Chile, there are currently lots for sale near the hotel by the owners of the Magic Mountain. We will have more details on these shortly.
Huilo Huilo, Magic Mountain
Address: Km. 60 Panguipulli International Road, Puerto Fuy
Phone: 56 63 1972651 - 56 63 1972681
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Santiago Office

Phone: 56 2 334 5938 - 56 2 334 9583
Fax: 56 2 334465
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