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Hostal Montt in Central Temuco
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Señora Margot makes all the jams and preserves served with breakfast. You can enjoy coffee or tea with a selection of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot and marmalade. Breakfast also comes with cheese, ham, yogurt, various cakes and pies. During the winter time, the she makes homemake breads and sopaipillas. Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the downstairs dining hall.
Breakfast at Hostal Montt


hostal montt hallway

Outside the rooms

Beyond the rooms, the rest of the Hotel is very new, very clean, and very safe. One thing that caught our eye, and was slightly disturbing that we do not see more of them in Chile, is fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and well marked fire escapes throughout the building.


Hostal Monttmap to the hostal montt in Temuco chile

Manuel Montt 637


phone: 56 45 982 488

E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Price List 

Room Single (1 bed) shared bathroom

Room with 1 bed (king size) private bathroom

Room with 2 beds, shared bathroom

Room with 3 beds, shared bathroom

Room with 4 beds, shared bathroom

Room with 5 beds, private bathroom

Total capacity 34 guest


(all prices taxes included)








The Breakfast

The credit for all this goes to Señora Margot Nualart Castro; who is far from the absentee landlord. Her home is attached to the Hostel. Along with her manager Norma Rico, she oversees the details of the day-to-day operation in person. Between the two of them, everything in Hostel Montt is impeccably detailed and well taken care of.  You will find Señora Margot floating in and out of the reception and dinning area, checking on customers, and taking care of business throughout the day. Very friendly and very accessible to the guest for any questions you might have.


The more economic rooms with a shared bathroom come with a single bed, two beds, or three beds (two bunk beds and a single bed). All rooms come with cable. There is also a large family room, separate from the main hotel, that includes a private bathroom with five beds and couch. This is perfect for a group or a family to share without concern for disturbing the other guest in the Hostel.  The rooms with private bathroom also come with a 21 inch T.V. and a king size bed. The bathrooms are all full size with a real tub and shower combination.


Front of the Hostal Montt


Hostal Montt is one of those places that makes us stop and kick ourselves for not having found it earlier. With all the shady and scummy places to stay that cost as much money, it is really surprising that Señora Margot would ever has an empty bed.

Other services

We should mention that there is free Internet and a computer available for clients to check email. Hostal Montt accepts a whole set of the standard national and international credit cards. There is also laundry service available for an additional charge.


breakfast is included at the hostal montt
When we say Señora Margot is involved in the details, we really mean it. Many of the things like the curtains and pillow cases you see around the Hostel she made herself.  She is still adding her personal touch to the breakfast. 


Basic safty are so few and far between, in smaller hotels, pensions, and hostels around Chile that we perhaps have quit looking for them as hard as we should. We are glad to see that the Hostal Montt takes the safety of their clients seriously. Each room comes with a set of instructions and house rules on the wall. Smoking is not allowed in the Hostel, but they provide a pleasant patio with an ashtray for the smokers outside in the courtyard.  
the patio at the hostal montt


That Extra Touch

One touch you will find in all the rooms of the Hostel Montt, that you likely will not find in any other hotel, is a stuffed animal on each bed to keep that lonely business man or homesick backpacker company at night.  The stuffed animals are that sort of touch to a business that says, 'we thought of everything'. Next time you stay at the Hilton, ask for a stuffed Mickey Mouse.
new and clean bathrooms at the Hostal Montt


double bed at the Hostal Montt in Temuco

The Rooms 

The rooms come in many sizes. All the rooms are clean, new, and built with solid construction. There are no paper thin walls, or doors that don't close because the angles are more wrong than the right.  All beds come with electric blankets in the Winter.