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Bus System Information for Temuco
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  • Tur bus (A.K.A. Rodoviario) –- the Tur bus station is big and new on the edge of Temuco. Taxis, buses, and micros run about every 5 mins into the center of the city, and for long haul travel such as Santiago this is most likely the station you will find yourself at.

Terminal Rodoviario de la Araucanía
Avenida Vicente Pérez Rosales 01609, Temuco

Tur bus Agencies
General Lagos 538, Temuco        phone 56 45 278 161
Claro Solar 598 office 2, Temuco    phone 56 45 230 979 


All other stations are located within the Center of the city and can be easily reached on foot.

  • Jac bus – Large national line to most areas in Southern Chile and the Capital. Most importantly you will find the regular buses to Pucón and Villarrica running about every 15 mins with the best deals on tickets.
Balmaceda  1005, Temuco    phone 56 45 231 340

  • Terminal Buses Rurales – There rural bus station can be found near the central Temuco market. They will get you to all the destinations inside the region, not normally covered by the big national lines. These are little more than micros, and the prices are more or less match the quality. The stations are bit on the raged edge, but first class by general Latin American standards. Some of the rural lines are Nar Bus, Erbuc, and PanguiSur.
Avenida Aníbal Pinto 032, Temuco

  • Terminal de Buses Bio-Bio – The station is in the center of town, and covers the 8th and 9th region. Bio-Bio is a regional line, with service something between Tur bus and the Micros. Once in a while you might encounter some live animals in the luggage compartment, but the inside of the buses are fairly civilized.
Lautaro 853, Temuco        phone 56 45 210 599