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Temuco Shopping Mall
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Temuco Chile Mall Portal TemucoThe crowd levels at the Portal Temuco are reasonable. Late evenings and weekends are the peak capacity but during the week in the day time you will feel as if the mall is all yours. There are special events every month which can draw large crowds. Security is reliable and parking is free and covered. You will find trusted brand names like Levis, Nine West, and Sketchers, Esprit and many more. Their website lists all businesses “tiendas” either by name or product. You can also find movie times and event information on the website.


You will not find fine dining inside of the mall but at several locations within walking distance. You will find McDonalds and the usual Food Court food like fast food Chinese and pizza. The food court does have a view of the surrounding hills and is spacious, well lit and has wifi.


Jumbo is the only one in Temuco. They have a nice selection of German, Italian and American imports. Jumbo has it all and excellent customer service. The bag boys and girls are mostly university students and quite helpful and some even enjoy practicing English. Inside of Jumbo you will find dry cleaners, pharmacy, post office, bus ticket office, and a place to pay most of your bills. All of these businesses open at 9 which is very early by mall standards. A good choice for dining or snacking is the Rincon Jumbo which is inside of Jumbo supermarket. It is cafeteria style so you know what you are getting, no surprises. Jumbo opens at 8 AM which is one hour earlier than any other supermarket in Temuco. You will find many Chileans and Gringos using the Rincon Jumbo diner as an office with free Wifi and plenty of space and light. There is also a completely enclosed smoking lounge.


The two major department stores in the Mall are Ripley and Paris which also have stores downtown. You should be able to find what you need from either Paris or Ripley. They both carry low end to high end and have programs to accumulate points to earn things or get discounts. Both have reasonable customer service. Returns require receipts so don't even try returns without the receipt.


Three well-known pharmacies can be found in the mall which are Ahumada, Salco Brand and Cruz Verde. There is a Cruz Verde inside of Jumbo as well but not as well stocked as the larger store just outside of Jumbo. Ahumada is well stocked with imports from GNC and even offer the GNC gold card which is the same 20 percent monthly discount they offer in North America. The imports can be expensive but GNC is a trusted name in North America and they offer a wide variety of products.


The Cinema offers movies in English with Spanish subtitles except for kids movies which are almost always in Spanish with no subtitles. There is a high definition theater which offers quality sound.


There is a very large Games section with a full size Bowling Alley and Bumper Cars. You will need to purchase a game card “tarjeta” which can be topped off at the same place you pay for bowling.


One of the newest additions to the mall is the Artesenales or Handicrafts section on the third floor. This offers traditional handmade items and it's quite enjoyable to stroll through.


Chile Malls TemucoA very important place on the third floor is the Registro Civil which offers many services and saves a trip downtown. You will have to take a number for the services but you can browse around while you wait. The normal wait time is 30 to 40 minutes.


Animal Pets is where you will find birds, fish, dogs and hamsters along with food and accessories.


You will find a kids hair salon near the cinema and a full service salon at the Paris mall entrance. There is also a salon inside of the Paris department store.


Antartica bookstore offers some selection of books in English but the one thing they have that no other store in Temuco has so far is BluRay DVDs. They are located on the second floor in number 2038 (near the elevator) and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable.


One store that is fun for everyone is Casa & Ideas which is on the second floor number 2001. They are similar to Bed Bath and Beyond. You will have to check any bags or backpacks before you enter. This is a great store to find reasonably priced gifts and things for your house. They open from 10:30 and close at 21:30.

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